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The New England Patriots’ star wide receiver Wes Welker started his 2011 season by catching a 99-yard pass from Tom Brady, setting a Patriots record. Since game one he has been busy leading the Pats into another successful year on the field. We caught up with Welker to find out where all that energy comes from and what he looks forward to doing on a rare night out on the town.

Interview with Wes Welker

By Lauren Bayliss – Photographed by Bobby DiMarzo

What is the one food you cannot live without? You know, my diet has become so strict now that the season is going on. One thing that always helps me is veggie burgers; I’ve kind of gotten hooked on those and they are definitely a staple in my everyday diet.

What are your perfect pre-game and post-game meals? I try and do some sort of chicken, I do broccoli with hummus, and usually some gluten free type of pasta. I also eat the most phenomenal energy bars called Bonk Breakers; they are a must-have before a game and during halftime.

What does a night out in Boston entail for you? A free night out without anything to do the next day? I would probably go and have dinner at Strega, Nebo, Grill 23 or Tico; those are a few of my favorite spots. From there I’d probably head over to Sonsie and have a few cocktails. Depending on where the evening takes us, more nights than not, I’ll end up at Daisy Buchanan’s to have a little night cap and then head on home to bed.

Do you cook at home? What’s your specialty? I do cook at home but I usually leave it up to the girlfriend, she’s really good in the kitchen. I’m a big breakfast guy though, and I do a pretty good egg white sandwich. Egg whites with some vegan cheese on a whole wheat English muffin. Ya, It’s pretty good.

What three things is your fridge always stocked with? Let’s see here, I have a lot of coconut water in there to spice it up from plain old water, I’m pretty adventurous like that. I make a lot of smoothies so I make sure to keep lots of fruit in the house. And whenever I need a quick snack or meal on the go I always have little pre-made veggie burgers that I can heat up in a few minutes and be off.

What is your favorite city to travel to when on the road? I always like going to Ft. Lauderdale. I have a place down there and it’s where I spend most of my time during the off-season.

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